Shocking video shows the moment that an Oklahoma officer was dragged nearly half a block during a traffic stop.

Authorities say officer Jerrod Queen stopped 41-year-old Joseph Brand after he rolled through a stop sign. Police say that Brand, who was wanted on felony drug charges, then tried to flee, dragging Queen alongside the car.

Queen was eventually able to stop the car and arrest the suspect. He was not seriously injured in the ordeal.

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Police spokesman Jeremy Lewis said that Queen showed great restraint in his handling of the situation.

"In the times that we're in, in his mind he's thinking what is this going to look like on video if it's requested. People really do not like the way the use of force looks, which there's just not a way to make force look good. But at times it's inevitable. There's just nothing you can do,” Lewis told NEWSCHANNEL 3.

Watch footage of the incident above.