Hundreds of students were recently accepted to Drexel University – only to be told it was all a mistake.

Nearly 500 prospective students received fall acceptance letters from Drexel after they were initially denied admission or had submitted incomplete applications. But their excitement was short-lived; soon thereafter, applicants got another email which informed them that the acceptance was a mistake.

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High school senior Tearra Bookard was among the affected applicants. About three weeks after she was denied from one of her top schools, she got an acceptance email. But just seven hours later, a second wave of rejection came.

"Please note this email was sent in error. We sincerely apologize for any confusion,” the email said.

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“To be rejected twice is kind of like a slap in the face,” Tearra told FOX 29.

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Tearra still has other applications pending at a half dozen other schools. They may not be her first choice and that's OK with her.

"They going to be missing a really intelligent and dedicated student someone who is going to work their hardest and do whatever it takes to accomplish their goals and I don't plan to ever stop where they end up accepting me or not," Tearra told FOX 29.

Tearra is still hoping Drexel reconsiders her application. but if not there's no doubt she'll succeed where ever she goes next fall.

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