Bernie Goldberg tonight asked: Where’s the outrage over the deaths of Christians at the hands of Muslim fanatics?

Goldberg remarked that liberals have never been shy before about expressing outrage on all sorts of things – from Ferguson to the “phony war on women.”

'The Left Is Soft on Islamic Terror, But Appalled By Christian Fundamentalism'

“Where’s the outrage now?” Goldberg asked. “Where are their demonstrations now? Isn’t the killing of Christians by Muslim fanatics worthy of outrage? Don’t Christian lives matter?”

Goldberg also took on President Barack Obama over his silence at a news conference after Christians were thrown overboard a migrant ship, which was traveling from Libya to Italy. He said that when Obama “doesn’t show an ounce of outrage," his allies won’t either.

“I’m not Christian, and I’m outraged,” he added.

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Read more from Goldberg's column:

As troubling as Mr. Obama’s silence is, it should surprise no one. He can’t bring himself to utter the words “Islamic terrorism.” But at the National Prayer Breakfast not long ago, he had no problem lecturing Christians about the crimes their ancestors committed … a thousand years ago.

And when Coptic Christians in Libya are beheaded simply because they are Christians, much of the world yawns. How terrible, we say, and then go back to whatever we were doing before. Where is the outrage?

But let’s not fool ourselves; it isn’t only Christians who are dying. Outrage itself is on life support. And when outrage dies, a piece of our humanity dies too.

Christian lives matter.