We can't believe it's been a decade since YouTube was created, bombarding us with millions of hilarious, adorable, ridiculous and inspiring videos since its launch.

In honor of YouTube's 10th birthday, we've compiled 10 of our favorite funny videos of kids that you will want to watch over and over.

Happy 10th birthday, YouTube! Here's to many, many more years of laughs.


One of YouTube’s most-viewed videos of all time stars English brothers Harry and Charlie.

“Charlie bit me!” Harry exclaims as he puts his finger in his little brother’s mouth over and over again. “That really hurt!”

“Is this real life?!”

Seven-year-old David’s experience after the dentist really sums up the feeling of waking up from dental work a bit “out of it.”

“I feel funny, why is this happening to me?” he laments. “Is this gonna be forever?”

“Give them the evil look.”

Watch this baby’s amazing transition from laughing hysterically to giving the adults in the room the “evil eye.”

This little girl knew just how she’d handle a monster coming into her home.

“I’m gonna kick his ask,” she said.

When her mother said that wouldn't be nice, the little girl explained, “If he’s gonna come in here, he’s gonna kick MY ask!”

“I’m her mom.”

“…No, she’s not.”

Watch this hilarious little girl ‘purrfectly’ narrate a book of kitten photos.

This video captures his first time on live television, but 5-year-old Noah Ritter was already a natural.

When Noah stops for an interview during a Pennsylvania fair, he tells the reporter, “Apparently, I don’t watch the news because I’m a kid… and my grandpa just gives me the remote after we watch the Powerball."

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This ‘chubby Korean baby’ has some of the best moves on YouTube.

Watch as this little girl shakes, shimmies and tries to get the less enthusiastic boy beside her to join in on the fun.

A little boy named John sticks to his story despite endless pressing from his mother on whether or not he ate sprinkles.

“You didn’t eat anything?” his mom asks John, whose face is covered in sprinkles.

He shakes his head ‘no’ vigorously. “Anything!” he says.

John’s mom asks him to explain why a half-eaten jar of sprinkles is “empty.”

“Well, they’re not empty,” he argues.

“Don’t talk back to Darth Vader, he’ll getcha!”

A 3-year-old girl manages to sum up the complicated world of “Star Wars” — perhaps better than its writer George Lucas.

These twin boys have a language all their own.

Are they gossiping? Arguing? Strategizing? We may never know, but it sure is fun to watch.

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