Good Samaritans yesterday rushed to help a man in a motorized wheelchair who fell onto the D.C. Metro tracks.

Video shows the moment that the 54-year-old man rode off the platform and onto the tracks at a Metro station yesterday. A group of people nearby leapt into action, and two men jumped on the tracks to hoist the man back onto the platform.

The unnamed man was sent to the hospital with a bloody lip, but is expected to be OK.

CNN reported:

Officials don't know what caused the man to fall but believe the incident was an accident. The injured man was taken to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries, Metro officials said.

There were no trains in the immediate area, according to officials, but the three men were dangerously close -- just two feet -- to the electrified third rail that provides power for the trains.

Metro officials say the identities of the two good Samaritans are unknown.

Watch video of the rescue above.

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