A Saudi Arabian woman sparked a protest movement when she defied the country's ban on female drivers.

Women’s rights advocate Manal al-Sharif filmed herself driving a car within Saudi Arabia, which resulted in her being arrested and thrown in prison.

Al-Sharif appeared on "Hannity" tonight via Skype to share her story and explain what it's really like being a woman in Saudi Arabia.

She said her arrest in 2011 was just part of a bigger movement for women's rights in Saudi Arabia.

"Things are really changing in Saudi Arabia," Al-Sharif said. "People don't understand what's going on in this society. It's very interesting to them."

She explained that the younger generation of Saudis is more comfortable speaking up about women's rights or gay rights issues, which is changing the country.

Hannity pointed out out that it still appears to be a repressive society, even if things are getting better.

"Women in America can wear whatever they want, women in American can drive, women in America can date whoever they want," Hannity said.

Al-Sharif asserted that Saudi Arabia is not as repressive as Hannity or some may think. She said that comparing Saudi women to American women is not "apples to apples."

"You do not have the freedom that American women have," Hannity stated.

Watch more in the exclusive "Hannity" interview above.

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