On "Your World" today, John McCain reacted to Rand Paul's accusation that he's a "lapdog" for President Obama when it comes to foreign policy.

The Kentucky senator said on "America's Newsroom" yesterday that McCain and Lindsey Graham are "essentially the lapdogs for President Obama, and I think they’re sensitive about that."

McCain told Neil Cavuto that Paul is the "worst possible candidate" in the 2016 race on the most important issue: national security.

McCain pointed out that in the past Paul has doubted the seriousness of the threats posed by both Iran and ISIS, in addition to proposing military budget cuts and the elimination of foreign assistance to Israel.

"The record is very clear that he simply does not have an understanding about the needs and the threats of United States national security," McCain said.

If Paul were the Republican nominee would you support him? Cavuto asked.

"I would support the nominee of my party," McCain said. "I am a loyal Republican."

He added, however, that he hopes that common sense prevails and the eventual GOP candidate does not hold Paul's isolationist foreign policy.

Watch more from McCain on "Your World" above.

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