Tonight on "The Five," Greg Gutfeld ripped Bill Nye “The Science Guy” for bragging on Twitter about flying on Air Force One with the president.

"See, for him, it's all about status, the attention bestowed for parroting the right platitudes," Gutfeld said. "It's why he can get away with blaming the Jews for fleeing Europe."

Gutfeld quipped that if they were polar bears, then maybe Nye would feel differently.

He remarked that the scarier belief is that climate change poses a greater threat than terror, as President Obama has claimed in the past. 

"It's fine from loony Luddites, but the president? Yikes," Gutfeld stated. "I call this the 'straw-pocalypse' - a mix of straw man and Armageddon."

Gutfeld said that the comparison of the two is "nuts."

He concluded that for most climate change activists, Earth Day is less about carbon and more about consumers and consumerism.

Watch Gutfeld's monologue and see "The Five" co-hosts react in the clip above.

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