It was Day 3 of "Cooking With Friends" this morning and the featured dish was Geraldo Rivera's rice and beans. 

On Monday, we saw Steve Doocy, joined by his daughter Sally, prepare the Doocy household special: avocado toast. 

Then on Tuesday, Tim Hasselbeck joined his wife to give us a crash course on gluten-free barbeque chicken sliders and nachos.

Today, Geraldo - joined by his wife Erica and daughter Sol, took us through the Latin American staple dish. 

He said the dish goes back generations in his family, with many different variations through the years. 

"Every Thanksgiving we stuff the turkey with rice and beans," Sol said, adding that her father seems to eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

"It really conjures up the images of the island tranquility. Partying, relaxing, people being together," Geraldo said.

He explained that his father, Cruz, was one of 17 children, so as a result he has 100 cousins. Rice and beans are a standard at the big family get-togethers. 

So here's how it's done.

The key is the homemade sofrito, which is peppers, onions, cilantro, and garlic blended together.


After that, it's olive oil in the pot with some of the sofrito, capers, Spanish olives, butternut squash and ham. 

"The Jewish Riveras wouldn't use the ham," Erica joked.

Then the main ingredient, the red kidney beans, are added. Rivera said in different areas of Latin and Central America, there are different beans and rice flavors used.

"As my dad used to say: the only real difference among Latinos is the color of our beans," Geraldo recalled, explaining that red kidney beans are the Puerto Rican preference.

Once that cooks together, it's served over the rice. 

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