A 20-year-old Alabama college student fled the U.S. to join ISIS in Syria after being allegedly recruited on the Internet. 

Hoda Muthana bolted from her suburban home in November after allegedly being "brainwashed" by Islamic State militants. 

The Associated Press reported:

Attorney Hassan Shibly spoke at a Birmingham mosque on Monday on behalf of the parents of the young woman, whom he identified only as Hoda.

Shibly said Hoda left in November after being "brainwashed" for an undetermined length of time. He says the woman's actions go against the family's wishes and against the teachings of Islam.

The spokesman added that Hoda's family has been in contact with U.S. law enforcement and government officials since she disappeared.

One of her former classmates, Jordan Laporta, told Sean Hannity tonight that it was a surprise to learn that she was recruited to join the terrorist organization. 

Laporta explained members of ISIS were able to recruit her by using social media and that she hid it from all of her friends. 

Hannity asked Laporta if she had ever made any statements in support of ISIS. 

"She did make some of these statements of radicalism on social media," Laporta said. "But the catch...was that she had a separate, secret, social media account that she kind of put all of this out on Twitter."

Watch more in the video above.

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