A bombshell new book, "Clinton Cash," will reportedly make troubling claims about donations to the Clinton Foundation by foreign donors.

The book by Peter Schweizer, set for release on May 5, is said to claim that foreign entities donated to the foundation and paid former President Bill Clinton high-dollar speaking fees in exchange for favors from the State Department. 

Judge Andrew Napolitano appeared on "Hannity" to weigh in on the new allegations surrounding this "pay-to-play" scheme and how much trouble Hillary Clinton could be in.

"Wiping your server clean, being bribed as secretary of state, enriching your husband and your family foundation while in your public office by the decisions you make will cause her no legal troubles if there's not a prosecutor, if there isn't somebody to come after her," Judge Nap said. "And of course, President Obama controls the federal prosecution apparatus for the remaining year and a half of his term."

Judge Nap said that if the government decided to prosecute Clinton, they would have more evidence against her in "Clinton Cash" alone than they included in the indictment of Sen. Robert Menendez, which was for a similar crime.

Judge Nap said this is a case of "classic bribery" that is very serious.

Hannity played a clip from the 1993 documentary film "The War Room" in which James Carville said that George H.W. Bush "reeks of yesterday."

"You know who 'reeks of yesterday'? Hillary Clinton!" Hannity said.

"Yes, exactly," Judge Nap agreed. "She also reeks of secrecy, scandal and failure. And she does not want to talk about her four years as the secretary of state in the Obama administration."

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