There are growing concerns about how some may be trying to change the way we remember our fallen veterans.

A proposed memorial to fallen U.S. soldiers recently caused an uproar in Michigan after some local leaders objected to an M-16 service weapon being prominently displayed.

The village council has now approved the statue - which is modeled after the iconic battlefield cross used by soldiers in combat - after a huge crowd of veterans and supporters showed up at the meeting Monday.

Shannen Coffin, writer for the National Review, said on "The Kelly File" that this isn't an isolated incident but part of a larger pattern.

"What has been going on for the last 30 years or so is that the secular left has been attacking veterans memorials all over the country that depict any form of religious symbol," Coffin said. "Now that they're winning those battles, they're moving on to something that's much more at the core of the military mission, which is the gun."

Coffin said it's difficult to honor fallen soldiers at all with these kinds of constraints.

He asserted that this shouldn't be written off as the silliness of some local elected officials, but instead viewed as part of a disturbing pattern.

Megyn pointed out that cities often don't have the money to fight lawsuits against groups who take issue with guns or religious imagery in public memorials.

"That sort of intimidation has run a lot of towns out of the business of using any sort of suggestive symbol when they're honoring the dead," Coffin stated.

Watch the full "Kelly File" interview above.

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