Some big news broke last night on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," as actor John Stamos confirmed that a "Full House" reunion and spin-off series will be coming to Netflix.

Candace Cameron Bure Defends 'Full House' After Blogger Blasts 90s TV


Stamos revealed that the deal to make 13 episodes of "Fuller House" had just been agreed upon. It is scheduled to be aired next year.

Stamos explained that it will start as a reunion and turn into a spin-off in which D.J., played by Candace Cameron, has kids of her own. 

Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber, who played Stephanie Tanner and Kimmy Gibler respectively, will be a big part of the show, Stamos said.

"Five minutes ago they called. They sealed the deal. ... It's been a labor of love. And we've literally been trying for so many years to do it right and I think we finally got it perfect," he said. 

Stamos said they will be trying to get all of the original cast on board for the reunion before the show moves to the spin-off.

He said he expects that Bob Saget would be on the show, but would not confirm whether the Olsen twins or other cast members would be appearing.

Watch the "Jimmy Kimmel Live" clip below, and let us know: are you interested to see the new "Full House" after all these years?

Candace Cameron Bure Defends 'Full House' After Blogger Blasts 90s TV

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