A new Gallup poll has found that 73 percent of parents' top financial worry is paying for their child's college education.

Larry Winget told Neil Cavuto today on "Your World" that parents are not obligated to pay for their child's college tuition. 

Winget, who is the author of "Grow A Pair," explained that he paid for his own college education after his parents clearly communicated to him that they couldn't afford to pay for it. 

He said that kids should figure out if they will be able to take on the debt from going to college on their own, instead of relying on their parents to pay for it.

Winget noted that there are alternative routes that students can take which will help them pay for their education.

He stated that kids shouldn't feel pressured to go to college just to go, especially if they don't have a career in mind to pursue after school is finished.

Instead, Winget encouraged them to explore the option of a trade school or even joining the military, which helps pay for college education. 

Watch the full video above to hear more.

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