A U.S. veteran was detained but not charged Friday after she intervened in a university protest where demonstrators were walking on the American flag.

Cell phone video taken at Valdosta State University shows Air Force vet Michelle Manhart take the flag from protesters and refuse to return it before she is tackled and handcuffed by university police.

Manhart told Megyn Kelly on "The Kelly File" tonight that she felt the need to go to the campus after hearing about the flag being disrespected. 

"It's my freedom, it's your freedom, it's everybody in America's freedom," she said. "I don't think I can turn a blind eye to that anywhere, even if I saw it walking down the street just randomly, I wouldn't have been able to turn my eye to it."

She remarked that she was raised to have a lot of respect for America. She said that by serving in the military she learned to defend the flag.

Megyn challenged Manhart on a photo (below) in which she previously posed nude with the American flag. Some critics called out Manhart, arguing that the nude pose was also disrespectful to the flag. 

Manhart, who has also appeared separately in Playboy, defended the photo, arguing that it was meant to represent Americans being too focused on material possessions.

"There was a thought that came about, what happens when you take all the materialistic items away from a person? What are they left with? You're left very vulnerable. You're left in the nude, you have nothing, you feel maybe at your lowest. We wanted to represent that when you are at your lowest - no matter where that is in your life - when you just think that everything has been taken from you, you will always have your freedom. If you stand behind that flag, you will always have your freedom," Manhart said.

Megyn asked her why she brought her daughter to the protest, pointing out that "casual observers" have questioned whether it was staged.

"100 percent you have my honor and my word that it was not a publicity stunt," she said, arguing that her daughter turned on the cell phone camera on her own.

Watch the full video above. 

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