Donald Trump, who has suggested that he will run for president on the Republican side, says he can beat Hillary Clinton in 2016. 

Speaking to "Fox and Friends" this morning, he was asked how many of the GOP hopefuls have a chance to beat the former First Lady. 

"Very few. Maybe a couple," said Trump, declining to name specific candidates.

Fresh off speaking alongside other GOP contenders in New Hampshire this weekend, he said he saw a lot of people who "love this country," but are not taking action. 

"Whether it's Benghazi or IRS, or the [Hillary Clinton] emails. Things happen, you hear great indignation, ranting and raving for a couple of days and then they go back onto running for office. It's all talk, no action. It's part of what I'm talking about. It's part of why this country is in deep trouble," he said. 

Trump called out other Republicans for "attacking" Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid without explaining to Americans how they will "make the country rich again."

"I'm not gonna do that. I'm gonna make it so rich so you don't have to [cut] those things," said Trump.

He said Americans have paid into entitlement programs for years, calling on politicians to address the fact that China is taking away jobs and economic activity from the United States. 

"We're losing tremendous amounts of manufacturing. China is taking our money, they're loaning it back. We're not making our country rich," he said.

Watch the full interview above, including Trump's take on the new bombshell book, "Clinton Cash," which delves into foreign governments and businesses donating to the Clintons over the years.