A Marine-turned-police officer is being applauded for his restraint after a double murder suspect dared the officer to shoot him.

In the footage, the man walked menacingly toward New Richmond, Ohio police officer Jesse Kidder on a residential street. 

With his hands in his pockets throughout the encounter, 27-year-old Michael Wilcox screams "shoot me!" at Kidder, who yells back, "I don't want to shoot you!"

But Kidder kept his cool, backpedaling and pleading with Wilcox to surrender.

Wilcox continued to move forward, daring Kidder over and over to shoot him.

"No man, not going to do it," Kidder answered.

Wilcox then ran toward Kidder, who actually stumbled to the ground at one point.

Just as that happened, other officers began to arrive on the scene and Wilcox laid down and was arrested.

Wilcox is accused of killing his girlfriend and another man and was believed to be under the influence during the standoff.

It turns out the rookie cop has only been on the job for a year after serving two tours in Iraq and receiving a Purple Heart. 

Bill Hemmer discussed the incident this morning with Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano. 

The judge agreed that the officer, probably relying on skills he learned in the Marines, did exactly what he should have done to avoid killing the man.

But he pointed out that this "should be the outcome all the time."

"I am unhappy that this is considered remarkable and praiseworthy. This should be standard operating procedure," said Napolitano, arguing that the presence of the body camera may have caused Kidder to refuse to use deadly force.

Napolitano said there was never a reason for Kidder to use deadly force against Wilcox.

Kidder was reportedly given the body camera by a relative at some point after last summer's shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

"With the camera there, you can see the truth. ... In a case like this, we know truthfully and precisely what happened," said Napolitano, adding that body cameras will allow courts to clearly see whether deadly force was justified.

Watch the footage and discussion above.