Who you callin' "cute"?

After being declared the "cutest weightlifter" by a website, former gymnast turned professional weightlifter Samantha Wright fired back, calling the title objectifying and sexist.

"Behind the pairing of those words, 'cutest' and 'weightlifter,' lies an implicit irony, an irony intended to juxtapose mental images that render the qualities of daintiness beside that of brutishness," Wright wrote. "Contrary to that implication, the qualities, beauty and strength, are not antithetic. They are harmonious."

Andrea Tantaros said on "Outnumbered" that Wright is very well-spoken, but said she personally wouldn't have a problem with being called "cute."

Charles Payne agreed with Tantaros that the "cutest weightlifter" title isn't sexist, it's a compliment.

"She's cute, she's sexy and I think what she does is amazing and empowering. Why is she offended by that?" Payne asked.

Melissa Francis, on the other hand, agreed with Wright that it seems like there's something pejorative about the label and it's an attempt to undercut her strength.

"I think she's trying to say she's fabulous, she's filled with strength, she's powerful," Francis said.

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