Bill and Hillary Clinton left the White House in 2001 "dead broke." Now they're among the political super-rich.

Leveraging the presidency, both past and hoped for, the Clintons have raked in millions in speaking fees and donations to their global foundation.

But were they selling more than just their glamour?

Now, in the Fox News investigation, "The Tangled Clinton Web", we follow the money—where it came from, where it went, and how it may have changed American policy. 

With Hillary a declared candidate for the highest office in the land, it’s the special you can’t afford to miss.

Don't miss this Fox News Reporting special, anchored by Bret Baier, Friday, April 24 at 10p ET, Saturday, April 25 at 5p ET and Sunday, April 26 at 10p ET. Watch a preview clip above.