In her "Real People" segment on "The Real Story," Gretchen Carlson paid tribute to a truly inspiring broadcaster. 

Bryce Weiler announces baseball games on the radio, despite the fact that he's been blind since birth.

After graduating from Evansville, where he was a manager for the men's basketball team, Weiler is now a grad student at Western Illinois.

Bryce said he can't make out anything except some lights and shadows. He said during the games, he focuses instead on giving the listener important numbers and stats.

"If you commentate any sporting event on the radio, you have to have to good statistics and figures," said Weiler.

He said one of his biggest fears if what he'll do after he graduates, worrying that he will not be able to get a job in sports or journalism due to his blindness.

Weiler said he's hoping that a masters degree will make the difference. 

"Hopefully someone will be willing to give me a chance and understand the value that I might bring to an organization," said Weiler.

Watch the full report above, including Gretchen's tribute to Weiler in her "My Take" segment.

She called Bryce a great example of someone maximizing their talent and being "absolutely relentless" in pursuing their dreams.