A new contender could be preparing to enter the 2016 presidential race.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) told Chris Wallace on "Fox News Sunday" that there's a 91 percent chance that he will run for president.

"I’ve got to put the means together, Graham said. "I think I've got a good message. I think I've been more right than wrong on foreign policy."

Graham explained that he would be a good candidate because he's been a problem-solver in Washington and he has something to offer both the Republican party and the country.

"I'll make that decision in May. If I can raise the money, I'll do it," Graham said.

Wallace pointed out that Graham holds some controversial stances, such as believing climate change is real and the government must address it, being open to raising taxes as part of a grand bargain and supporting immigration reform.

Graham disagreed with Wallace, however, when the "Fox News Sunday" host suggested that he might be too moderate on non-defense issues to win the Republican nomination.

Graham also weighed in on President Obama's negotiations with Iran over the Iranian nuclear program. Graham said he doesn't think there’s a snowball’s chance in hell that Congress is going to approve the deal the way it's currently set up.

"The Iranians can't be trusted. They lie, they cheat. And this deal, in my view, would allow too many opportunities for them to break out," Graham said.

Watch the "Fox News Sunday" interview above.

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