Two parents penned a detailed and demanding email to their family and friends asking that only specified gifts be given to their infant son at a party for his first birthday.

Reddit user razz32 shared an image of the outrageous email in a post titled "Most demanding 1st birthday invite ever."

"If you choose to get [our son] something that isn't on this list, anytime regardless of birthdays or holidays, please be sure to always include a receipt going forward. When we return items without receipts, we only get about 50 percent of the value, so it is like throwing money away if you don't include a receipt with the gifts," the parents wrote.

They went on to ask for a water table, a play tunnel, a tent and a book. They also told guests to refrain from purchasing any personalized or monogrammed gifts.

"Clothing with names is the No. 1 thing that leads to kidnapping, so we don't need to broadcast [our son's] name on clothing or toys," they instructed.

They concluded email by writing that a "formal invite" will be arriving soon. The guests are surely looking forward to that one.

Read the full email, here.

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