On "Cashin' In" today, Eric Bolling said that he was driving home last week and got caught behind the New York version of the nationwide $15 an hour protests.

“It ground traffic to a halt. People just wanted to get home to their families, others were just trying to get to work,” Bolling said. “Those protestors didn't care. They were demanding $15 per hour. It didn't matter who they hurt on the way.”

Bolling said that if those protesters do get their demand of $15 per hour, that money has to come from somewhere.

He pointed out that Burger King co-founder David Edgerton recently said, "You're not going to get these $1 hamburgers anymore that both Burger King and McDonald's had … I see a lot of $10 hamburgers arriving on the scene."

“Everyone who struggles to make ends meet, who take their kids to McDonalds or Burger King for the dollar menu can kiss that opportunity goodbye, thanks to those ‘fast-fools’ protesting,” Bolling said.

“The flaw in the liberal mindset is this: They never think about how all the ‘stuff’ they demand today will affect the very same people they claim to want to help down the road. Never,” Bolling said.

“Wake up, America. Your burger flipper and French fry-er is about to get 15 bucks and hour. Meanwhile, say adios to the beloved dollar menu and get ready to shell out big bucks for a burrito, burger or Big Gulp. Have it your way? Lovin’ it? I don’t think so.”

Watch Bolling's full "Wake Up, America" segment in the clip above.

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