In his Talking Points Memo, Bill O'Reilly said that the concept of "white suppression" is a big lie.

"Joining white privilege is a new piece of far-left propaganda called white suppression," O'Reilly explained. "Basically, the anti-American zealots are trying to convince people that we have an unjust society. We need a complete overhaul in our political and economic systems."

O'Reilly asserted that white privilege and suppression will be big issues in the upcoming presidential campaign.

He pointed out that New York Times columnist Charles Blow recently wrote, "Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly ratcheted up the rhetoric on Monday. With the words 'HILLARY CLINTON FOR PRESIDENT' in yellow and all-caps next to his face, he bemoaned the idea that 'our traditional American values are under siege nearly everywhere,' and then added: 'If you’re a Christian or a white man in the U.S.A., it’s open season on you. Therefore, Hillary Clinton has an advantage.'"

O'Reilly countered that Blow's agenda is to convince his readers that white people "actively suppress blacks and other minorities."

O'Reilly noted that another recent New York Times column, this one from Michael Eric Dyson, said that Americans hold "complicity" for the history of our country.

"Apparently, Dyson believes the slave trade continues to define America. Therefore, all white people are complicit," O'Reilly said. "Complete bull. I have no complicity, none."

"Here's the truth: Our traditional values in America are under siege we are seeing dramatic changes in the definition of human beings on the abortion front, in the definition of marriage and in the definition of capitalism among other things. anyone who denies that is a dishonest idiot."

O'Reilly acknowledged that white men dominate in the corridors of power, but asserted that if American women and minorities want to succeed, they can.

"The truth is that we live in a competitive society where hard work and the freedom to pursue happiness has made the country strong," O'Reilly said.

"No society is perfect. Police agencies, local political situations and corporations can all be corrupted. But there is no organized white suppression, and our system gives all men and women the chance to succeed in life if they do what is necessary to compete. And that's the truth."

Watch the Talking Points Memo above.

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