A woman was removed from a Southwest Airlines flight yesterday after using a pen to rudely awaken the man who was sitting next to her. 

A passenger on the flight from Chicago to Manchester, N.H., said he heard 68-year-old Lenny Mordarski yell out "she stabbed me!"

Mordarski (pictured above) said it felt like he was being "stung by bees," and when he woke up, he noticed the ink marks on his shirt.  

Patricia Stark reported the details this morning on "Fox and Friends First," telling us that the woman was apparently annoyed that the man was snoring loudly and brushed her with his arm.

Another passenger said she noticed the man and woman bickering before the incident and others assumed they were an older married couple.

The incident occurred before takeoff and the woman was accommodated on another flight, the airline said. She reportedly will not be charged.

Mordarski didn't suffer any serious injuries. He was interviewed by police, then decided to get back on the flight, which ended up being delayed two hours by the bizarre incident. 

Watch the report above and read more at MyFoxChicago.

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