ESPN reporter Britt McHenry has been suspended for a week by the network after being caught on tape berating an employee of a towing company.

McHenry, whose car had apparently been towed on April 6, hurled some ugly insults at the attendant as she paid to retrieve her towed vehicle.

She told the female attendant to "lose some weight, baby girl" after denigrating the woman's teeth and calling her uneducated.

McHenry continued with the insults despite being cautioned that she was being recorded by the surveillance camera. 

“I’m in the news, sweetheart, I will (expletive) sue this place,” she said.

The footage (above) went viral after it surfaced this week on LiveLeak.

McHenry issued an apology on social media Thursday after a barrage of criticism over the disparaging comments.

Megyn Kelly and Brian Kilmeade discussed the ugly video Thursday night. 

"She's a charmer," Kelly noted, adding that the 28-year-old Washington-based reporter displayed immaturity. 

She called on McHenry to issue a better apology, pointing out that she never specifically apologized to the woman she insulted.

After joining ESPN a year ago, McHenry has reported on programs like "SportsCenter," "Baseball Tonight" and "Outside the Lines."