Family members and survivors will gather this Sunday to mark the 20th anniversary of the horrific bombing at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. 

The blast killed 168 people, including 19 children who were inside a daycare center that was housed in the building.  

An iconic photo captured the heartbreak of that day. It featured a fireman checking to see if a little girl had any signs of life.

The girl photographed was Baylee Almon; she had just celebrated her first birthday the day before the bombing.  

Her mother, Aren Almon-Kok, told Shepard Smith today that it's been very difficult for her to heal and mourn the loss of her first born child.

She said that this year has been "a little bit tougher" than she thought it would be, because her daughter would have celebrated her 21st birthday April 18.

Almon-Kok shared that she has learned how to live with it and that her entire world changed the day she lost her daughter.

She remarked that even though she has two other children now, it's still tough for her to think about all of the milestones that her daughter has missed. She said that "it's heartbreaking for her."

"It's difficult, because I miss Baylee every day, my kids have a sister they never got to meet," Almon-Kok said. "We've always...have tried to make sure that we do things that would make her proud."

Watch the full video above to hear more.


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