Last week, Michael Tammero took us behind the scenes of the brand new Fox News Channel series, Legends & Lies.

On the latest edition of In the FOXlight, Tammero traveled to Missoula, Montana, to talk to the producers who partnered with Fox News on the project. 

Marc Pierce and Chris Richardson created Warm Springs Productions eight years ago, working on hit shows like "Making Monsters" on Travel Channel and "Mountain Men" on History Channel.

They've now built the start-up into a 75-person staff from a team of four in 2009. Tammero pointed out that unlike others in the industry, Warm Springs does not rely on freelance employees. 

Pierce said he wanted to surround himself with good people and give them benefits that he didn't have early in his career.

"It's important for us to have everything from the gym memberships to the 401(k) to the free beer, of course," he said. 

Pierce said "Legends & Lies," which unearths the truth behind 10 legendary stories of the American West, included 500 actors and was shot in 10 states.

Based on first-hand accounts from direct descendants and historians, the show features brilliant cinematic re-creations set against stunning Western landscapes.

"We believe this show on Fox News is going to get a lot of people's attention. It really is a great show. Our goal is just to keep it rolling," said Pierce.

Tune in to "Legends and Lies," Sunday at 8/11p ET for the story of James "Wild Bill" Hickok. See the full episode guide, here.