A New York cardiologist is accused in a bizarre murder-for-hire plot against a rival doctor.

Prosecutors say 54-year-old Dr. Anthony J. Moschetto hired hit men to kill his former boss after the two had a falling out. First, authorities say Moschetto hired hit men to burn down his rival’s office, but things didn’t go as planned due to a sprinkler system. Then, he allegedly ordered two men to rough up or kill his rival, paying them in money and blank prescription pads.

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The two men suspected in the February arson were arrested and charged. But the two “hit men” involved in the alleged murder-for-hire turned out to be an undercover cop and a confidential informant.

Authorities searched Moschetto’s home and found a secret room accessed through a sliding bookshelf. They found 100 weapons throughout the house, including assault weapons, illegal high-capacity magazines, and a hand grenade. Police say Moschetto had enough weapons to equip a small army.

Moschetto was also being investigated by the DEA for the sale of oxycodone.

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