A proposed memorial to fallen soldiers is causing an uproar in Michigan after some local leaders objected to a gun being present in the statue. 

The bronze statue (above) features a pair of boots, with a helmet and dog tags sitting on top of an M-16 rifle.

The iconic battlefield cross, as it's known to service members and veterans, would be part of a memorial in a park in the village of Milford, about 40 miles west of Detroit.

But according to the Detroit Free Press, some members of the village council expressed concern that the gun is not appropriate for a public park. 

One council member said he believes the statue should be present, but should not be the "focal point."

The memorial was proposed by a former Marine named Bear Hall, the founder a local veterans group that has raised $12,000 over the last three months to pay for the memorial. 

Hall said he plans to attend the next council meeting, April 20, and bring along a lot of supporters.

He told the Free Press:

"All the vets I talked to (after the meeting) are furious," he said. "People who gave me money are furious. Everyone's thinking the same thing we're thinking: We didn't win the war by throwing sticks and stones."

"It's the ultimate sacrifice," Hall added. "Somebody gave their life to protect and serve this country and they should be remembered. They should never be forgotten."

Hall did say, however, that he was open to a smaller monument, as well as a different location within the Veterans Memorial.

"It could be to the side," Hall said. "I'm not adverse to that. We feel – the veterans feel – that it needs to be there. If (council) doesn't want it as a focal point, that's fine, but we don't want some foofoo fountain, either."