Charles Krauthammer said on "Special Report" tonight that the Obama administration is "quickly developing a huge problem of credibility."

Krauthammer was referring to comments made by Vice President Joe Biden last week, where he shot down critics' comments about the fight against ISIS. 

"Critics have made a number of claims regarding our policy in Iraq and the state of affairs in Iraq today," Biden said. "They say that Iraq’s fight against ISIL— under the command of the Iraqi government, backed by America and an international coalition — has stalled, has been stalemated...The claims do not reflect the circumstances on the ground."

Krauthammer said that you have to question what Biden is talking about, especially since ISIS is extremely close to capturing Ramadi, a provincial capital in Iraq.

Thousands of people have been forced to flee Ramadi after Islamic State militants make gains in the city, Bret Baier reported tonight.

Krauthammer also stated that "al Qaeda is now stronger than it's ever been and it is intent on attacking the United States."

Watch the full video above.

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