Greg Gutfeld said tonight on "The Five" that Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign rollout was about as "spontaneous as open heart surgery." 

The guests that Clinton has spoken with in Iowa have all been vetted by her staff members, which make her interactions seem planned and not authentic, Gutfeld explained. 

"It was more staged than 'My Fair Lady,'" Gutfeld said. "All this to portray her as soft, authentic. Her actions are as real as Travolta's hair."

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He noted that her family story doesn't match the information in public records. He also stated that Clinton is avoiding questions from reporters because she fears that they will ask about her email scandal. 

Gutfeld said that "the media has no choice but to chase after her, like fat kids swarming the free samples at Costco."

He advised that Clinton needs to be herself and to embrace it. 

"After years of desperately seeking world approval from idiots, I wouldn't mind a jerk," Gutfeld remarked. "Better to be a grizzly, than Winnie the Pooh."

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