The wife of a brutally murdered police officer weighed in on "The Kelly File" tonight about a New Jersey teacher who allowed students to write "get well" letters to her husband's killer in prison.

Marylin Zuniga has been suspended from teaching after she reportedly had her third-grade students write “get well” letters to convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Abu-Jamal, who was convicted in the 1981 shooting death of Philadelphia officer Daniel Faulkner, recently fell ill while in prison.

Orange Public Schools officials “vehemently deny” that they knew Zuniga asked her students to write these letters. Zuniga and her supporters now claim that the students came up with the idea to write Abu-Jamal, Megyn Kelly reported.

Maureen Faulkner, the wife of the slain officer, said that she's "very concerned."

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"I think this Marylin, she actually was indoctrinating these young children back in February," Faulkner said. "She had them write about a quote that Mumia Abu-Jamal wrote...She's the one who introduced these children and told them about this murderer, which is so wrong."

Faulkner shared that she was just about the teacher's age when she walked into the hospital and saw her "husband's face blown off."

Teacher Suspended for Having 3rd-Graders Write 'Get Well' Letters to Cop Killer

3rd-Grade Class Writes 'Get Well' Letters to Convicted Cop Killer

"She needs to realize that what she is doing is so wrong," Faulkner said. "First of all, the children are the ones who are being hurt right now and the parents. The children probably have no idea what's going on..."

"If she wants to apologize and she really feels that way, then she needs to stand up in front of the classroom, say she was wrong, say that Mumia Abu-Jamal murdered a police officer and that she should have never had these children write get well letters to him," Faulkner added.

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