Charles Krauthammer weighed in on "Special Report" tonight about President Barack Obama's recent comments regarding the federal budget deficit. 

"If you listen to some of my political critics, they always want to paint me or the Democratic Party as this tax and spend, and you know irresponsible," Obama said today while visiting North Carolina. "Let me say this, since I came in office, the federal deficit has come down by two-thirds. It hasn't gone up."

Krauthammer said that what Obama did with the deficit is "completely unprecedented."

"A trillion and a half dollars, we've never come near to that," Krauthammer stated. "He did it in four years...the biggest run up in the deficit in history. And of course it was reduced, because it was entirely unsustainable. So that's really an empty boast."

Krauthammer added that the level that Obama is at now is "historically high in pre-Obama days."  

"He talks about it as if he's eliminated the deficit," Krauthammer remarked. 

Watch the full video above. 

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