A disturbing new report reveals that the Department of Veterans Affairs has been retaliating against whistleblowers who have spoken up about the practices that have led to the deaths of at least 23 veterans.

U.S. Marine Corps vet Brandon Coleman, an addiction therapist at the Phoenix VA hospital, says that his private medical records were illegally accessed after he spoke up about the facility's failure to help suicidal vets.

Coleman explained on "Fox and Friends" that he was placed on leave by the VA hospital under allegations that he threatened another employee.

"Those allegations were proven false. However, I've been on paid administrative leave since January 27," Coleman revealed.

What message does this give to others who want to speak up about vets being denied service? Elisabeth Hasselbeck asked.

"Don't speak up. If you speak up, they're going to crush your career, like they've done [with] me. However ... no matter what the VA does to me, I can sleep at night because I told the truth."

Watch the "Fox and Friends" clip above.

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