A man wearing an Army uniform without a name badge was accused of stolen valor at a Florida bar, leading to a tense standoff.

A video, posted to YouTube on Friday by Eric Coins, shows a young patron at a bar in Sunrise, Florida, question the alleged fake veteran about his military service.

The unidentified man stumbles when asked about where he did his basic training and fails to produce a military ID.

"You know it's a federal offense what you're doing right now?" the young man says.

The alleged fake vet grows increasingly angry, begins shouting expletives and actually tries to start a physical altercation.

Coins, who's not a service member himself, explained on YouTube that he and his friends noticed that the man was using the uniform to pick up girls and get free drinks.

"We asked a few basic questions which threw him off and [he] couldn't answer even where he got his infantry training or even boot camp for that matter. [H]e's a scum to America and we couldn't let that fly," Coins wrote.

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