Sen. Rand Paul’s wife was on “Hannity” tonight where she defended the Kentucky senator following criticism about his interviews with women.

Paul has taken heat for shushing CNBC anchor Kelly Evans in February and for his recent interview with NBC’s Savannah Guthrie, where he said, “Why don't we let me explain instead of talking over me, OK?”

Kelley Paul said that her husband’s entire professional life has been one of working with women.

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“If you want to say Rand is abrupt or comes off in a rebuffing way, fine, that’s legitimate, but it’s not because someone’s a woman,” she said.

Sean Hannity remarked that he can’t think of a time when reporters grilled Hillary Clinton over donations made to the Clinton Foundation by countries with atrocious human rights records.

“We conservatives often think there’s a double standard for us,” Kelley Paul said.