By: Anna Kooiman

Ladies and gentlemen: "Road Trip" is going extreme — and getting silly!

Ever witnessed a woman shoot like a cannonball through the air? How about a strongman lift over 550 pounds with just his teeth? Sounds nuts, right?!

Well, I wanted to do more than just see it with my own two eyes. I wanted to be a part of the Ringling Bros. Circus XTREME and shock the crowd myself.

Since I value all my limbs and hope to keep my chompers 'til I'm at least 70, I opted for clown college rather than cannonballing across an arena or pumping iron with my mouth!

The 107 performers in Circus XTREME do 365 shows a year and visit 40 cities, so once they came close to Manhattan, producers put in the request for me to become their 108th performer, and — drumroll please — they let me in!

I met the head clown, took Juggling 101, learned to do a few gags that require participation from audience volunteers. Next, the wardrobe crew found some wild sparkly clothing, saddle shoes and funky hair accessories. Then, the makeup crew had their way with the white and colorful accent face paint. Finally, they topped off my look with a red rubber nose and told me I was ready to work some Kooiman clown magic before a real crowd!

Watch the full "Road Trip" segment above!

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