Faculty at the University of California, Los Angeles voted two to one in favor of a controversial diversity class requirement for undergraduate students.

The policy goes into effect for incoming freshmen in the fall, requiring them to take a class on ethnic, cultural, religious or gender diversity.

Critics of the policy assert that teaching tolerance in a classroom is not the best way to go about tackling bigotry. They also point out that UCLA is among the most diverse top research universities in the U.S.

UCLA political science professor Thomas Schwartz said that the course is totally unnecessary.

"The idea that 21st-century American 18-year-olds who have been admitted to UCLA are so afflicted with bigotry that they must be forced to endure an attitude-altering course is preposterous," Schwartz wrote. "It is like forcing Norwegians to get inoculated against malaria."

Economics professor Tim Groseclose, who taught at UCLA for 11 years, said on "Fox and Friends" that out of the six universities where he has held faculty positions, UCLA is by far most progressive.

"[UCLA] has the least racist attitudes of any of those universities, but yet has the most claims of racism, I think, of any of those six," Groseclose said. "And people are just walking on eggshells because of that."

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