A Philadelphia mother is accused of abandoning her severely disabled son in the woods for five days so that she could head out of town to visit her new boyfriend in Maryland, according to authorities.

David Lee Miller reported on "America's Newsroom" that a police spokesman said the young man survived only by "the grace of God."

Miller explained that last Sunday, 41-year-old Nyia Parler left her son in his wheelchair in a wooded area of a Philadelphia park with nothing more than a blanket and a Bible.

Parler's son, whose name has not been released, is a quadriplegic, suffers from cerebral palsy and cannot speak.

"Authorities say he is completely defenseless, but somehow, he managed to survive five nights on his own," Miller said, explaining that the young man was only found when a person happened to walk by on Friday and saw the wheelchair.

Miller said that the young man is being treated for dehydration, malnutrition and a cut on his back.

Parler was turned in to authorities by the boyfriend that she was going to visit. She is reportedly now at a hospital herself for an "undisclosed illness."

An arrest warrant has been issued for reckless endangerment, neglect of a care-dependent person and other charges. Once she is well enough, Parler will be arrested and charged, according to authorities.

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