Bill O’Reilly tonight took a hard look at Hillary Clinton’s record following the announcement that she will run for president.

“The Factor” host said Clinton served in the Senate for eight years, working with Republicans on a number of issues. He noted that Clinton was successful in getting more money for vets and did some good things with education. Still, he said that overall, Clinton wasn’t “out front on any game-changing legislation.”

O’Reilly noted that Clinton voted for the Iraq War and defended it. She also criticized George W. Bush for being too soft on border security.

As secretary of state, O’Reilly said that she and Obama “engineered few foreign policy successes.” He remarked that Clinton led the movement to remove Muammar el-Qaddafi in Libya, then “dodged and weaved” on the Benghazi attacks. O’Reilly said that the record shows Clinton did little about the poor security in Libya.

“However, to be fair, Hillary Clinton should be asked questions about foreign policy so the folks can evaluate whether the mess abroad is her fault or the fault of the president,”  O’Reilly said.

The next president will inherit one big mess, O’Reilly said, remarking that the jihadists are threatening millions, Iran is nearing a nuclear weapon, working Americans are struggling to make money, and traditional American values are under siege.

“If you are a Christian or a white man in the USA, it is open season on you,” O’Reilly said. “Therefore, Hillary Clinton has an advantage.”

O’Reilly said Clinton can run a general campaign on being the first woman in the White House, and she can say she’ll help Americans by increasing the entitlement society.

“It will take a very articulate and tough-minded Republican to defeat her,” O’Reilly said.

“The Factor” host also warned that Clinton should distance herself from Media Matters “and other guttersnipe associations who use despicable, dishonest tactics to attack those with whom they disagree.”

Watch the memo above.

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