Greg Gutfeld tonight slammed 40 students who protested a showing of “American Sniper” at Eastern Michigan University.

“What true heroes they are, trying to stop a film,” he said. “That beats protesting abuse of women in Muslim countries.”

Gutfeld remarked that if these students had seen the film, they would have known it’s a grim take on war, not a valentine to America.

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“But protesters don't have to see what they protest because it's not about learning or facing competing ideas. It's about silencing others so their adolescent views go unchallenged,” Gutfeld said. “These cowards have turned campuses into bubble-wrapped ball pits – day care for crybabies – where one can ignore big ticket miseries in favor of wimpy protests about movies.”

Gutfeld said that these students never protest “lockstep leftism” like Michael Moore or Oliver Stone, just “the very country that defends their idiocy.”

“Action once spoke louder than words, but now words are just as bad,” Gutfeld said. “I’d tell these kids to grow up, but they'd probably curl up into a ball and weep.”

Muslim Student Protests Campus Screening of 'American Sniper'