A seven-year-old Massachusetts girl was dropped off alone miles from home after she got on the wrong school bus.

Anastajia Charley was left wandering unfamiliar streets crying, until someone saw her and called the police. Meanwhile, her parents were waiting for her at her usual bus stop in total panic.

Anastajia and her parents, Georgia and Jonathan Charley, spoke to Clayton Morris on "Fox and Friends Weekend" about the scary ordeal.

Georgia explained that her son got off at the bus stop and told her that Anastasia was on the wrong bus.

"Immediately now, I'm thinking, 'Oh my goodness, the baby is missing! She's out there somewhere. What bus is she on?'" Georgia explained.

Jonathan said this could have been avoided if the bus driver had allowed their son to find Anastajia while they were still on school property.

Boston Public Schools released a statement that said, "BPS policy is that a child does not need to get off the bus if they have any concern that they are at the wrong stop or if their parent or guardian is not there to receive them."

Should the bus driver have done more? Clayton Morris asked.

"Definitely," Georgia said, explaining that that policy was not made clear to parents, let alone young children.

Jonathan said he wants all school buses to have monitors to prevent similar situations in the future.

"It's just important for all of us to be able to join together as a community to make sure that the kids are safe when they are doing what they do when it comes to school, communities and going home, "Jonathan said.

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