An expecting couple can't agree on a name for their child, so they're letting the Internet weigh in.

Nicholas Soukeras wants to name his unborn child Spyridon, after his father. Kseniya Soukeras, on the other hand, says she can't even pronounce that name and prefers Michael, after her father.

When they couldn't come to an agreement, Nicholas decided to launch an online petition. He said if enough people initial it, he will take that as a sign that he should go ahead with the Spyridon name.

"This Petition was established by Nicholas Constantine Soukeras as an outcry for the right, privilege and authority, under God and in accordance of the laws of the Greek Orthodox Church and in the tradition of all Hellenic peoples throughout the world, to name his first-born son 'Spyridon' after the petitioner's father, 'Spyridon Hristos Soukeras,'" Nicholas explains.

Thus far, however, things aren't looking great for him or the Spyridon name. At this time, only seven people have signed the petition.

Watch the "Fox and Friends Weekend" clip above and check out Nicholas' petition.

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