On "Media Buzz" today, Howard Kurtz and his guests discussed Rand Paul's two recent heated interviews with female reporters.

Back in February, Paul shushed CNBC anchor Kelly Evans. On Wednesday, he clashed with NBC’s Savannah Guthrie after she asked him about his changing foreign policy views.

Susan Ferrechio said that Guthrie was asking fair questions and Paul did not do a good job at dealing with them.

She said she thinks Paul would have done similar interviews with male journalists, but he should now be careful after "scolding" two female journalists back-to-back.

"Luckily for him, he's got months and months to rehabilitate that image and get some more practice and sound a little more calm, cool and collected on the air," Ferrechio said.

Mary Katharine Ham said she doesn't have a problem with presidential candidates getting "snippy" with the media at times.

"I don't think being framed as being hostile to the media is necessarily a huge problem," Ham said. "I do think you can learn from mistakes. And he can go forward and make some changes."

Watch the full "Media Buzz" clip above.

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