A wild video shows what happened after a bag of money flew out of a Brinks armored truck on I-20 in North Texas on Friday.

Joel Aldridge posted a video that shows at least 15 to 20 people leaving their vehicles parked on the highway and scrambling to pick up cash on the side of the road.

"Cash all over the highway. I thought this was a wreck on the exit to Home Depot in Weatherford but look at everyone's hands they are picking up wads of cash," Aldridge explained in the Facebook post.

Police say a "substantial" amount of cash was scattered along a seven-mile stretch of I-20 when a bag of money somehow flew out the passenger door of a Brinks armored truck that was bound for Abilene.

"Weatherford Police would like to remind everyone that the loose money is property of Brinks Armored Car Service," a police statement said. "Weatherford Police will investigate and potentially prosecute any individual that has picked up any of the loose money and not returned it to either Brinks or the Police Department."

Watch Aldridge's video of the dash for cash below.

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