Several towns in the Midwest have been left devastated after at least two tornadoes swept through Illinois.

One tornado tore through Fairdale, Illinois, killing one person and leaving eight others injured. 

At least 15 homes were destroyed when the twister hit the ground Thursday evening, DeKalb County Sheriff Roger Scott told Fox News

A 67-year-old woman was found dead inside her home and eight others were taken to area hospitals for injuries. 

Roughly 80 miles from Chicago, Fairdale has a population of about 150 people. 

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Authorities said that they were fairly confident there were no more victims among the debris but that they would be working Friday to account for every single resident, including those who may have left town before the storm.

The National Weather Service said Friday at least two tornadoes swept through six north-central Illinois counties.

Thursday's storm also dumped snow in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and swept across the Ohio Valley overnight. The system headed into the Appalachian region Friday morning with the potential for thunderstorms.

The tornado severely damaged or destroyed 20 homes in Ogle County, Sheriff Brian Van Vickle said in a news conference. But no deaths or significant injuries were reported. Ogle County is adjacent to DeKalb County.

Mike Tobin reported on "America's Newsroom" that some animals at the nearby zoo were also killed during the tornado.

Watch the video above to see incredible footage of a truck being overturned during the storm.

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