The man captured in a photo wearing a white polo to a meeting with President Barack Obama explained how he ended up with a seat at the table. 

Lance Futch joined "Fox and Friends" this morning stating that he was told he was going to an informal event so he decided to don the white polo.

He was shocked when he walked in the room and found out that the official he was meeting was actually the president. 

"Well, I walked in the room, I saw the table, I saw a name tag for President Obama, a name tag for Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT)," Futch, who is a designer at Vivint Solar Cad, said. "The first thing to go through my mind was I am definitely the most underdressed person in this room." 

He admitted that he was "extremely nervous" to be in the room.

"I hadn't realized that I would be sitting there with the president and the senator," Futch, who also serves on the Utah National Guard, said. "Luckily, they asked other people questions first so it gave me a couple seconds to calm my nerves and actually put together what I wanted to speak about."

Futch said that he actually had his military blues in his car outside and that he was tempted to go change.

He said that Obama was a "gracious host" and made him feel comfortable.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck asked what his mother said to him once she saw the viral photo. 

"My mother definitely had a conversation with me afterwards when the picture came out," Futch replied. "She was like 'you were in a white polo, the picture's got you with your elbows on the table.' She had a nice talk with me."

He said that he is shocked at the amount of publicity that he's received from the photo.

Watch the full video above. 

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