An alleged serial bride who has walked down the aisle 10 times will now be walking into court to face felony charges.

Authorities say 39-year-old Liana Barrientos has married 10 times in 11 years – yet she has never divorced.

Barrientos has filed marriage licenses all over the state of New York. She was first married in 1999, and she married six times in 2002. The investigation into Barrientos stems from her most recent marriage, which happened in 2010.

It is believed that many of her husbands were foreign nationals. Police believe she married men so that they could live in the country.

WABC reported:

Barrientos lived in a Bronx building until recently with her boyfriend, a boyfriend who is apparently not one of the 10 men she is alleged to have married.

"This is a huge breach in security," national security expert Manny Gomez said. "If someone could remarry 10 times without bringing it to the attention of the authorities, potentially an al-Qaeda plant could come in, marry this woman and be in this country illegally, plotting, recruiting, perhaps even executing a terrorist attack."

It's not yet known what motivated Barrientos to marry so many men and divorce, as far as the records indicate, none.

Her history as a serial marrier started in November 1999 when she said I do with Mohammed Gerbril in Eastchester. Two years later, she married Ahmad Allam in Rye.

Then, just 18 days later, she went to Yonkers to marry Habibur Rahman. In the coming years, she would also get married in Hempstead, Ramapo, Greenburgh, Mamaroneck, White Plains and finally in the Bronx, where the previous nuptials were all discovered.

On each marriage license, she used her real Social Security number and various versions of her real name.

So how did she not get caught?

"From the Liberty Tower being penetrated by a 16-year-old child a few months ago to now, realizing that somebody could come in and legally belong to this country simply by paying somebody and getting legally married, yes, we still have a lot of work cut out for us," Gomez said.

The Bronx DA is investigating where those 10 men are and why they came to this country.

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