Walmart's right to sell firearms and ammunition is being threatened by a lawsuit. 

Fox Business Network reporter Adam Shapiro reported on "Fox and Friends First" this morning that a court decision could stop the retail giant from selling guns, which could change the way publicly traded companies do business in the United States. 

Shapiro said that Trinity Wall Street Church in New York City owns stock in Walmart.

"The church sued the Walmart when they refused to place a proposal on the shareholder ballot at the annual company meeting," he explained. "That proposal could be interpreted to force Walmart's board of directors to suspend the sale of guns and ammunition." 

Shapiro said that the church won the lawsuit and Walmart appealed. The decision on the appeal is due as early as today, he said.

"People who support gun rights say, the first court ruling allows political activists to push whatever agenda they wish at the corporate level, instead of through state and federal law," he said. "Trinity Wall Street Church says it does not intend to end the sale of products at Walmart."

Watch the video above to hear more. 

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